Week 4 Live Stream

Midnight People boss The Real Escobar steps up to round off the night with an hour of Indie Dance and Italo sounds, including some of his labels' discography.

Midnight People is an independent record label, event series & music community.

Check out their latest releases here:

www.midnight-people.bandcamp.com/music www.facebook.com/TheRealEscobarDJ


Connor Male

Most commonly known for performing under the DJ duo 'Malebox', who have successfully held performance residencies at the likes of Stealth (Nottingham), Shut the Front Door and The Cause (London). Connor has most recently spent time on launching Serenity Records - his new charity label which serves to promote awareness for mental-health causes and raise money for relevant charities within the industry. With a record collection that passes between late 90's tech-house and synth-heavy breakbeat, his UK upbringing is definitely no secret.