Tommy Tickle 2020 Round Up

With my top tracks of the year, I obviously wanted to highlight some great music, but also labels that have made huge waves this year and styles and sounds that have come to represent the music that I feel represents 2020.


Your Good Times Will Come - Laurence Guy (Shall Not Fade)

Laurence Guy has had a great year of releases, but this track stood out for me. The title of the track feels to represent a message that everyone has had to take on board this year, this one should have been all over the festivals. Roll on 2021!!

let's Just - Tommy farrow (Stress Records)

The debut release from Tommy Farrow has made a huge impact on not only his own personal journey but also in the breaks style that has really become hugely popular this year. Definitely one to watch, can't wait to see what's next!

Hot Java - T. Jacques (Dansu Discs)

Pairing Dansu Discs and T. Jaques was always going to be a top drawer partnership but I really love this tune. Another genre that has really made a mark on this year for me, is this kind of minimal bloopy rollers and Hot Java was one of my faves.

Vertigo - Tibasko (Another Rhythm)

Always so much love for the Tibasko boys! I felt when Vertigo came out, it was a real landmark for them and I am so happy that they have gone from strength to strength throughout the year. Also, big shout to Another Rhythm who have been doing some amazing, consistent work, always worth keeping tabs on what they are doing.

Someday - Ossie (Club Bad)

This one is just a banger haha :D Club Bad is a label that I am really excited about. Run by Mele, i love the tribal energetic sounds that are consistent with their releases and i feel they are going to have a huge 2021.